Get to Know: Bites of Delight

Did you know that we work with more than just farmers? This month, we wanted to highlight a supplier that didn't originate with an agricultural mission, but rather, a solution to a health condition. Bites of Delight was born when two founders and licensed dietitians joined forces to make gluten-free and vegan snacks that everyone can enjoy.


Melissa Abs, one of the founders of Bites of Delight, was diagnosed with celiac disease back in 2014 and was struggling with digestive issues, chronic fatigue and a whole host of other symptoms. At this point, a gluten-free diet alone had limited success in managing her condition. Encouraged by gut-health studies she had been reading while she was still at university majoring in Nutrition and Dietetics, she decided to turn to a whole food, plant-based diet, and revamped her lifestyle! She even specialized in gut-microbiota to help, educate and empower people with similar digestive problems to improve their health.


She had a major obstacle at this point though; she couldn’t find ANY gluten-free, plant-based, gut-friendly and natural snack in Lebanon’s supermarkets to enjoy when she was on the go! Melissa, and her now husband and business partner, Issam Dagher, decided to launch their own food product that would bring taste and health together. Bites of Delight takes pride in reinventing nostalgic, Lebanese childhood treats loved by many like anise kaak or carob molasses kaak and even Oreos and turning them into daily, healthy snacks that are not only “free-from” but also a nutritional powerhouse due to the small but mighty buckwheat that sits at the heart of all their recipes.


But Bites of Delight isn’t just concerned with gluten-free eaters. Tapping into the vast array of beneficial Mediterranean ingredients like thyme, olives, carob molasses and anise, Bites of Delight is dedicated to making plant-based and gluten-free food more accessible and enjoyable. Because Bites of Delight loves to be available to as many people as possible, all their products are wheat free, gluten free, dairy/egg free, yeast free and made from limited and simple ingredients, making them ideal for people with various allergies and health conditions.


If you’re interested in following along with Bites of Delight’s happenings, find them at @bitesofdelight.glutenfree on Instagram and discover all their fine products here.