Why the Levant?

At Za’atar Road, we source food and goods exclusively from the Levantine region for two reasons. First, to provide a stable income to families in the Near East who are experiencing a period of economic uncertainty. And second, to provide Levantine expatriates, descendants and enthusiasts around the world with access to the authentic goods they can’t find locally.

Our founder, Maya

Born in the mountains of Lebanon, Maya Hachem has always been an advocate for her homeland and its people. After emigrating to Boston, Maya saw the opportunity to help sustain the storied artisanal heritage of the Levant by connecting its goods with buyers around the world. And so, Za’atar Road was born. A marketplace exclusively dedicated to sourcing unique products from the Levant, Za’atar Road is the realization of Maya’s mission to improve lives.

One region, many cultures.

Over thousands of years, the Levant has welcomed the influence of many different civilizations, each infusing its unique traditions into the region’s food and art. At Za’atar Road, we seek to celebrate the many influences present in the Levant, by offering products from the diverse geographies it includes.

We love meeting new people.

Beekeepers and soap makers. Farmers and bakers. The Levant is full of talented makers and we are always looking for new artisans to add to our family. If you know of a Levantine business owner we should meet, tell us!