How We are Building a Community

We are thrilled to officially launch our online marketplace, connecting Levantine farmers and artisans with North American consumers! We are even more thrilled that this launch means we are actively fulfilling our purpose—to do well and do good. Our Lebanon-born founder, Maya Hachem, is passionate about improving lives and has constantly been an advocate for her homeland. Maya’s love for the unique and authentic products of this region, along with her eagerness to support those living in the Near East, laid the foundation for Za’atar Road.

We believe that profit and social impact can be two sides of the same coin. You see, Za’atar Road is not simply a straight path from Beruit to North America. Rather, Za’atar Road is a cyclical route that brings people together. One that begins by allowing Levantine suppliers to share their gifts with those across the Atlantic—an opportunity that is often a challenge for Levantine business owners. Access to this new market helps provide further economic stability for these skilled craftspeople. But Za’atar Road doesn’t end there; our company then invests one percent of revenues back into aspiring artisanal entrepreneurs of the Levant region, including current and promising potential suppliers. Whether they are in need of an essential piece of equipment, hope to attend a trade school, or look to sharpen their business skills, Za’atar Road helps these craftspeople meet their operational, educational, and professional goals. Our hope is that the community of artisans will continue to grow and more gifts will be shared around the world.

Our vision for this circular support system continues. Soon, it will involve you. As a buyer, you will be given the power to choose where the one percent is invested. Stay tuned as we share details on the initiation of this social program and the suppliers it will support. Your purchases will not only empower talented people to realize their dreams, but also build a community. From the Middle East to the American Mid-West we are connected by the unique and bountiful gifts of the Levant. Join us in our journey of bringing people together. Join us on Za’atar Road.