2022 Food Trends Meet Za’atar Road

With each new year comes the latest food trends, ready to shape our at-home cooking, restaurant meals, and gatherings. While reading recently published articles predicting what’s hot in food for 2022, we couldn’t help but notice how techniques and ingredients from the Eastern Mediterranean fit well with so many of the listed trends. Get up to speed on the cuisine scene and see how we add in a touch of Za’atar Road to the trendy fare.


Low ABV Cocktails: There’s been an uptick in low-alcohol and no-alcohol beverages over the past few years. Experts are predicting this trend will continue to rise throughout 2022 as consumers continue to focus on healthy lifestyles and embrace sober socializing. To create special and unique beverages that won’t make you miss the buzz, add these to your bar cabinet: rose water, orange blossom water, and a variety of molasses products for natural sweeteners such as carob, pomegranate, date, grape, or apple.


Popcorn: Really, popcorn? Yes, age-old snacking favorite popcorn is having a moment. Perhaps it’s because folks are streaming movies at home versus visiting the theater; maybe it’s the fact that consumers are looking for natural and low-calorie snacks; or possibly it’s the endless ways one can add flavor to this food. Whatever the reason, sales have been growing throughout 2021 and are expected to continue into 2022. For a simple snack that’s packed with savory flavor, sprinkle za’atar over your popcorn.


Reductarianism: This term has been coined to describe those who aren’t looking to make the full switch to vegetarian or veganism but are actively trying to lower their animal product consumption. If you’re a consumer who is wanting to make this change for health, environment, or ethical reasons, browse our wide variety of products, many of which are vegan.


Cottage Foods: Are you familiar with “cottage foods?” Simply put, this term refers to a list of safe homemade foods approved by the government that are allowed to be sold such as pickled items or jams. Many Za’atar Road products fall nicely into this category including Cucumber Pickles, Mekti Pickles, and Mulberry Jam. The handmade, authentic touches of cottage foods make them feel more special than items from big box stores. Plus, you can feel good supporting the artisans who make them.


Experimental Breakfast: Move over basic bacon and eggs—new flavors are moving in on the breakfast scene. If you’ve never sprinkled za’atar over your eggs and avocado toast, you’re in for a savory treat. Another great toast topper is tahini. Sprinkle it with cinnamon, honey, chopped nuts, or bananas. For an extra sweet morning meal, use any of the spreads or halawa carried by Za’atar Road to enhance traditional breakfast dishes. With items like Walnut Butter Cinnamon Maple Syrup or Hazelnut Chocolate Spread, you can easily create delicious stuffed pancakes or decadent topped waffles. Or give your cinnamon rolls an upgrade by including Orange Chocolate Spread in the filling.


We hope you have some fun in 2022 by hopping on these delicious trends—perhaps you’ll find a new favorite! But most of all, we hope your new year is full of joy, prosperity, and memories to hold onto for years to come. Happy New Year!