4 Vegan Meal Ideas to Try

We’re firm believers that eating plant-based is far from a fad, but rather here to stay. The spectrum of commitment to plant-based eating is wide, making it a flexible practice to stick to. On one end, some pledge to Meatless Mondays or eating one meat-free meal per day; on the other rests full-fledged vegetarian and vegan lifestyles. Terms have been created to help describe people’s variety of plant-based eating habits. For instance, flexitarian and reductarian diets focus on vegetarian and vegan eating, while not entirely eliminating animal products. Motives for these diets include increasing the intake of fruits and vegetables and/or making conscience efforts to cut down on animal product consumption. Wherever you find yourself on this spectrum, let us help you liven up your meals with these four flavorful vegan meal-starter ideas (and one bonus option for pescatarians!).  


  • Spiced Portobello Mushrooms: Whether roasted, sauteed, or grilled, use za’atar to season mushrooms such as cremini, porcini, or portobello. These mushrooms can be used in countless ways to add a filling and “meaty” component to your dishes. Combine with crispy vegetables and dairy-free yogurt sauce inside a wrap, use as a toast topper, mix into hummus, or sprinkle into a tortilla with cashew mozzarella for a vegan quesadilla. See all our za’atar varieties here.
  • Pine Nuts and Pasta: Pine nuts are the perfect finish to a pasta dish with their slight crunch and nutty flavor. Pastas that utilize flavors such as lemon, vegan parmesan cheese, basil, and spinach will pair well with pine nuts. Charred broccoli is also a great option to throw into the pasta for added color and nutritional benefits! Find j.Grove’s pine nuts here.
  • Cauliflower Steak with Tahini Sauce: Roasting a thick slice of cauliflower caramelizes the edges and brings out its nutty and sweet flavors. Whisk together a tahini sauce made with tahini, lemon juice, and garlic to drizzle over the steaks or coat the steaks in the mixture prior to cooking for a crispy coating. Try out the tahini from Adonis Valley.
  • Ancient Grains with Green Olives: Ancient grains such as frekkeh, millet, and farro pair nicely with salty green olives. Create a tossed grain salad by adding olive oil and lemon juice, along with your favorite herbs and other aromatics (think garlic, shallots, parsley, or chili flakes). AviSaine and Zejd both produce delicious green olives.
  • Pescatarian Bonus: For the pescatarians, season salmon or white fish with dukkah for a unique twist on the typical filet. This spice blend includes nigella, paprika, sesame seeds, cumin seeds, and fennel seeds giving the fish a flavorful, crunchy coating. You can find Kaaju’s dukkah blend here.


We hope you’ll use these ideas as springboards for crafting your own signature vegan dishes. Tag us on Instagram and Facebook showing us your delicious creations! Beyond meals, don’t forget to check out Za’atar Road’s variety of sweet and salty snacks—most of our snacking inventory meets vegan standards. And for more inspiration, visit our Veganuary blog post. Happy cooking!