Get to Know: Adonis Valley

Beautiful Adonis Valley is a natural and cultural Lebanese landmark that stretches from the 6,000-year-old city of Byblos to the mystic springs of Afqa. The temperate climate, unpolluted environment, and exceptional biodiversity inspired our beloved supplier of the same name, Adonis Valley. Adonis Valley’s home is in Fatri, Mont-Liban, Lebanon. The town is nestled in the fruitful land fed by the Abraham River (aka the Adonis River). This seller focuses on growing certified organic produce to create authentic specialty foods true to Lebanese and Mediterranean traditions. Not only do they grow delicious fruits, vegetables, and herbs, from apples to za'atar and everything in between, but they also run a farmhouse and eatery open to the public, as well as support local farmers and women cooperatives across Lebanon.


We recently caught up with Fady Daw at Adonis Valley to learn more about the company’s intentions and purpose. Daw said, “the original idea of food preserving at [Adonis Valley] is sourced from our commitment of safeguarding the agricultural food heritage of Mont Lebanon. Our process and procedure of food pantry is a continuation of Lebanese tradition coupled with the newest organic techniques and regulation.” Of his love of farming, he said, “Growing food naturally (if not organic) is an old tradition of thousands of years. Why should we ignore this practice nowadays when the world is denying this fact of living closer to nature? … I believe we should be closer to nature nowadays more than ever before, and for me the most noble way to do that is to grow organic and save the Lebanese food heritage.”


We also were curious about what’s happening on the farm this time of year. Like North America, it’s winter in Lebanon right now. The land has experienced some lovely snowfalls so far this season, showcasing its range of beauty. Daw said, “Seasons have always fascinated me; we are lucky in Lebanon to have 4 seasons. Each one has its beauty. Winter at Adonis Valley is mostly for za’atar mixing. The blend starts with pure za’atar (Oregano officinalis) dried during summer along with sumac and saved in our granary. Every week during winter we roast a new batch of organic sesame and we add it to strictly 2 organic ingredients: the oregano and sumac. A pinch of sea salt is added to the delicious za’atar mix, then we carefully pack it in air tight containers and deliver it to the market.”


If you’re interested in following along with Adonis Valley’s happenings, follow them at @adonisvalley on Instagram and check out all their fine products here.