Try These Ideas for Your Next Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie boards are a fairly simple way to make an impressive splash at your next party. A traditional charcuterie board is an eye-catching display of meats, cheeses, and accompaniments perfect for grazing guests. While the usual presentation is wonderful, we’ve put together a few ideas for switching up the traditional charcuterie board, all focused on memorable and thoughtful experiences for your friends and family.

  1. “Jar”cuterie: Especially since the onset of the pandemic, we’re realizing the importance of single-servings. Have you heard of “jar”cuterie yet? The idea of putting together mini charcuterie samplings inside of a mason jar has been buzzing on Pinterest. Using skewers and toothpicks, rolling the meats up tight, and choosing items that are tall or slim allows you to pack quite a spread into a little jar. And of course, it doesn’t have to be a jar. Tumblers, disposable soup cups, or recyclable plastic wine cups work just as well. We love our Gluten-Free Vegan Thyme Sticks by Bites of Delight, skewered AviSaine’s black and green olives, and Cucumber Pickles by Adonis Valley for these mini charcuterie containers.
  1. The Perfect Pair: Get out the calligraphy pens (or pick a fancy font for those less artistically inclined) and decorate a “pairings sheet” to display by your board. This sign should encourage your guests to try everything on the platter by suggesting what items go well together. This approach makes for an educational experience, creates an activity guests can explore together, and can ease the hesitations of guests that may be intimidated by the variety of choices. Another way to present this concept is to physically separate the pairings. Place the items that pair well together on their own tray, platter, or cutting board. If you need some pairing suggestions, start here:
    1. j.Grove Pure Forest Honey, sharp cheddar, and Granny Smith apples
    2. Organic Sun-dried Tomatoes by Adonis Valley, hummus, and Gluten-Free Thyme & Sesame Corn Chips by Drayké
    3. Tangy Apricot Jam by L’atelier du Miel with gruyere
    4. Pomegranate Tapenade by Zejd, toasted baguette slices, and goat cheese
    5. Pure Carob Molasses by j.Grove mixed with tahini paste and scooped with pita or other breads 
  1. Box It Up: As a party favor (or a gift anytime, really), assemble mini charcuterie to-go boxes for guests. Seal what you can and include foods that are shelf stable and travel well. This will ensure the box stays fresh and can be enjoyed later. Here’s a few of our favorite inclusions, especially if you’re going for a sweeter theme:
    1. Halawa Chocolate by Celine Homemade Delights
    2. Gluten-Free Vegan Coffee Crackers by Bites of Delight
    3. Refreshing Strawberry Jam by L’atelier du Miel
    4. Kaaju’s uniquely-flavored nuts


However you serve up charcuterie, we hope you and your guests will enjoy the fine products we offer here at Za’atar Road. Every product is made with care by exceptionally skilled artisans in the Eastern Mediterranean. Sharing the stories of these unique products and artisans can also make for excellent party conversation. If you grace your charcuterie board with any of these products, share it on Facebook or Instagram and tag us! We would love to see. Cheers!