A Night to Remember

Together with artisans, dignitaries, and the press, Maya and friends gathered at the Philokalia Institute in Antoura, Lebanon to celebrate the official launch of Za’atar Road on November 11, 2021. What a special night it was! 

Founder and CEO, Maya Hachem, was born in Lebanon, but now lives in Boston. When she imagined the concept of Za’atar Road, her main vision was to sustain and celebrate the resilient and driven people of her homeland who are currently facing economic uncertainty. The launch party was the culmination of a year's work to make this platform a reality for all the artisans who need it to thrive. Maya reflects on the event,

“That night reminded me of why I am so passionate about Za’atar Road. This platform is like air for those artisanal entrepreneurs who need a market to continue their craft, support their families, and sustain the beautiful Mediterranean lands they were entrusted to upkeep. That night was also special because I was surrounded with my dear family, friends, and our suppliers and their families -- everyone was beaming with hope. I felt both the joy and the responsibility of leadership to serve all those counting on Za’atar's Road's success.”

Watch our recap video to share in the celebration!