Don’t Forget to Love Yourself

During this month when so much focus is given to loving others, we want to remind you to love yourself. In the busyness of our day-to-day, making ourselves a priority often falls by the wayside. However, there are simple ways to show yourself love which in turn will help you be your best self. The foundation is providing care and attention. Self-care may come off as a superficial practice, but it has a deeper purpose. As New York Times best-selling author and wellness activist Kris Carr has said, “Honestly, self-care is not fluffy. It’s something we should take seriously.”


Let’s break down the word “care.” To care is to have thought or regard. Seems easy enough, but let’s dig deeper. Synonyms for care include alertness, maintenance, repair, responsibility, effort, and protection. To perceive care as this subset of words greater depicts the importance of this subject. Let’s instead think of this practice as self-alertness, self-maintenance, self-repair, self-responsibility, self-effort, and self-protection. Are you truly alert to how you’re feeling? Are you maintaining your best self? Do you have a bit of damage that needs fixing? Are you responsibly looking after your body, mind, and spirit? Are you giving yourself the effort you deserve? Are you protecting yourself from harm and injury? The significance of self-care is evident when you consider these questions.


So where can you begin? Finding moments every day to prioritize yourself is a great place to start. One easy way to do this is to tie these moments to a daily ritual. Make a point to check in with yourself as you are completing a simple, habitual act. The self-care experience can come full circle if your ritual focuses on caring for what’s on “the outside.” While the majority of self-care involves what is within, intentionally caring for your physical wellbeing grounds you in an experience in which you mindfully pay yourself attention. Here are a few suggestions for accomplishing your daily dose of self-care.

  • Give yourself a mid-day break and refresh with a spritz of rose water
  • Enjoy a cup of hot tea
  • Go for a brisk walk
  • Moisturize your skin (during these winter months, may we suggest soaps and lotions made with olive oil to lock in moisture)


We hope you’ll find a few minutes in your day to put yourself first. You deserve as much care and attention as you give others in your life, so don’t forget to love yourself this February.