What’s Not to Love About Chocolate?

“Forget love… I’d rather fall in chocolate!” – Anonymous

Whether you’re an old romantic in February or not usually a fan of Valentine’s Day, one thing is certain: chocolate is just plain delicious. While it has become a traditional gift for the holiday of love, the rich confection is perfect for anytime, from significant celebrations to simple pleasures.

What’s not to love about chocolate? Although it seems like it’s simply a satisfying sweet, chocolate has its benefits, too. Raw cacao and dark chocolate are said to have a wide variety of advantages due to the flavanols, such as lowering blood pressure and risk of heart attack and improving brain function. The higher the amount of cacao in a treat, the “better” it is for you. As sugar and other fillers are added, the nutritional value decreases.  

If you thought Za’atar Road was only focused on the savory, think again. There’s an abundant sweet side to our inventory fit for a chocoholic. The best news? Most of our items are made with raw cacao or dark chocolate and just a few other ingredients, meaning better for you. Treat yourself or your loved ones to these chocolatey goods. 

Truffles: Eshmoon Holistics has perfected their line of truffles, or as they call them “pills.” That name suits them nicely as these poppable sweets can serve as a pick-me-up cure for any ailment your mind, body, or spirit is feeling. These treats come in Carob Chocolate, Wine Infused Chocolate, Gin Infused Chocolate, and Rose Infused Chocolate flavors. 

Nougat: L’Atelier du Miel Dark Honey Nougat Originals are decadent and made with 33% Lebanese citrus natural honey, 33% dark Belgian chocolate and 33% white Belgian chocolate. This honey cupidon is perfect for the nougat connoisseur.

Breakfast Time: If you’re someone who needs a chocolate fix in the early hours, try out Eshmoon Holistics' Chocolate Rice Balls. The popped cereal is a delicious combination of grape molasses and cacao that satisfies the sweet tooth sans sugar.

Halawa & Spreads: Between Celine Homemade Delights and Eshmoon Holistics, you have plenty of indulgent choices with little guilt. Halawa with Chocolate is made with hazelnuts and cocoa and is a great complement to granola and breads. And items like Almond Chocolate Spread and Chocolate Carob Spread have the ability to serve as dips, spreads, icings, fillings, and more.

Sweet Snacks: Bites of Delight makes packs of delicious Dark Chocolate Biscuits that are gluten-free, vegan, and under 100 calories! Enjoy them alone, with a nut butter or plant-milk, or use them within other desserts. TAQA also carries sweet vegan goodies like their Dark Chocolate Chip Vegan Oat Cookies and Hazelnut Cacao Bars that are perfect pick-me-ups for chocolate lovers.

Drinks: Keep comfort classic, hot chocolate, at arm’s length this season. The only thing better than cozying up with a cup of cocoa may be knowing that Eshmoon’s mix is organic, dairy free, gluten free, sugar free, and vegan.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, give some love, some joy, some comfort to yourself and to others. Give chocolate. Because really, what’s not to love?