Embracing Hygge

The year’s chilliest days are upon us. Many brave souls love to bundle up and enjoy what winter has to offer, but for others, winter’s cold forces them to retreat indoors. Even without the weather, many of us are feeling cooped up. With almost two years under our belt of quarantines, isolations, and cancelled plans, cabin fever may be just as contagious as the pandemic itself. For those looking towards better days ahead (and warmer weather; only 54 days until the official first day of Spring—but who’s counting?), we’d like to invite you to embrace hygge. Hygge (hyoo-guh) is a mindset, a mood, an intention. It originates in Scandinavian culture and focuses on comfort, contentment, and coziness. Having a hygge mindset gives us the opportunity to slow down and be grateful for the simple pleasures in life. Hygge helps you push past the feelings of confinement and rather find sanctuary in your home. Of course, hygge doesn’t have to be restricted to your household, but for the sake of the season, we’re staying in. Here’s a few ways to practice hygge as you cozy up over the next several weeks whether you’re with others or by yourself.

With Others

Step 1: Put the screens away. Have everyone in the home place their devices in a basket and set it on a shelf. Out of sight, out of mind.   

Step 2: Come together. Cozy up in a common area to enjoy each other’s company.

Step 3: Connect. There are endless possibilities of bonding activities. The main point is to be present. Have an open mind and open heart. Stay engaged in what is happening and relish this time that you have together.

  • Share the highlights of everyone’s week
  • Learn to knit or crochet together
  • Build a fire and mix up some hot chocolate
  • Pop popcorn and watch a feel-good movie
  • Play a board game, twenty questions, or charades
  • DIY manicures and/or pedicures

On Your Own

Step 1: Even by yourself, you’ve got to put that screen away.

Step 2: Take a minute to clear your mind so that your me-time is free from mental distractions. Then focus on any simple pleasures that bring you joy.

  • Make a cup of hot tea and cozy up with a book
  • Mix up an at-home face mask with honey or treat your skin to a simple rosewater cleanse facial
  • Call a friend to catch up
  • Draw a bath and pamper yourself
  • Bake something from scratch
  • Light some candles and practice yoga or meditate

We hope this mentality makes the remaining winter days a bit more joyful. Welcome this season with open arms and you’ll discover what life is all about.