3 Ways to Keep Your Healthful Resolutions

The New Years resolution is a hopeful and invigorating custom. Taking control of one’s health and healthy eating are some of the most common resolutions, but as the spirit of the new year wears off, it can be hard to stick to health goals. Have no fear. Za’atar Road is here to help you make healthy food choices that support whatever your health-centric resolutions may be. Even for specific diets such as gluten free, vegan, or Mediterranean, you’ll be able to find products that meet your needs in our shop. Here are three tips to keeping your healthful resolutions:

  1. Fuel For Your Day: Snacking doesn’t have to be mindless. Remember that food is fuel, so look for foods that carry some type of benefit—anything from protein to probiotics. Making intentional choices in the snacks you stash ensures you’re powering your body well. We have an entire section in our online shop dedicated to sweets and snacking that include natural, wholesome ingredients you can feel good about noshing on. You’ll find brands like TAQA, Bites of Delight, Raw Bites, Kaaju, and Drayké in this section. All carry items that are anything but bland and travel easily for when you’re snacking on the go. Look for foods that carry some type of benefit.
  2. Keep It Interesting: As you cook at home, expand your horizons by introducing interesting flavor profiles as to not bore your tastebuds. Turn to natural, from-the-earth ingredients as you do so. Incorporate unique seasonings to pack a punch of flavor. Za’atar, dukkah, sumac, and flavored salts are all versatile blends that work well with proteins, vegetables, and breads. Flavored olive oils are another great way to impart flavor into dishes. Beyond Zejd’s original Olive Oil, they also offer Rosemary Infused, Garlic Infused, Chili Infused, and Oregano Infused Olive Oils. We have plenty of options on the sweet side as well. Utilizing molasses or honey versus sugar or artificial sweeteners provides subtle sweetness with unique flavor and even potential health benefits. Many varieties of molasses including carob, grapepomegranate, and date naturally include iron, potassium, and antioxidants. Honey is also said to include antioxidants and may hold other health benefits such as promoting heart health and boosting immunity. L’atelier du Miel and j.Grove carry exceptional varieties of honey, all with unique flavors and benefits.
  3. Treat Yourself in Moderation: Don’t forget to treat yourself! Total deprivation can end badly. Satisfying your cravings in small doses will keep you on track. When reaching for something sweet, choose bite-sized or pre-packaged items to help control your portions. Bites of Delight biscuits and crackers, TAQA cookies, and L’atelier du Miel nougats are great for this strategy.

We’re proud to work with so many artisans that are dedicated to offering healthy, natural items—but most importantly, they’re delicious! With all that flavor, crushing your 2022 healthy resolutions will be a breeze.